Freitag, 24. Juni 2022

What Taiwan Might Learn from the War in Ukraine

Vortrag von David Wei-Feng Huang in englischer Sprache

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Songsten House

Gubelhangstrasse 7, 8050 Zürich

24.6.22, 17:00

The unexpected invasion of Ukraine by the Russian army shows that even in the 21st century superpowers are willing to start a war in order to expand their territories. The reaction of the world, above all of the western democracies may, however, have come as a surprise to both Russia's president Putin and China's president Xi Jinping. As we are writing this, it is not yet clear how China will position itself in the ongoing conflict.

Similar to the recent political developments in Russia China follows a path of increased nationalism. For the last years the Chinese government has been more or less explicitly threatening to take over Taiwan. What can Taiwan itself learn from the current historical events?

Dr. David Wai-Feng Huang studied political science and philosophy at the MIT and Oxford University and is a lecturer at the National University of Taiwan. He has been a member of the Mainland Affairs Council in Taiwan and has represented his country in the US as well as currently in Switzerland.

Der Vortrag findet in englischer Sprache statt und wird auf Wunsch ins Deutsche übersetzt.

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