Herzlich willkommen in Oerlikon!

Welcome to Oerlikon!

The Oerlikon Quartierverein is an association representing the interests of Oerlikon.

The Oerlikon Quartierverein is a non-political, confessionally neutral, non-profit association, created and supported by its members, recognized and financially supported by the city of Zurich.

The primary purpose is to further and protect the interests of the Oerlikon neighbourhood.

The association represents the interests of Oerlikon, in particular with regards to discussions with the city council, neighbouring districts and the traffic planning and management of Zurich North. In addition, the association is responsible for responding to all enquiries from the Zurich Public Authorities relating to the Oerlikon district.

The path and direction of the association is solely decided by its members at each annual general meeting.

The association is fully committed to maintaining and continually improving the standard and atmosphere of living within the Oerlikon neighbourhood, for all residents. Through supported events, spirited action and a commitment to the neighbourhood, the association welcomes all residents in Oerlikon to participate, especially the growing ex-pat community members.

We would be pleased to welcome you as a further member of the Oerlikon Quartierverein, where individuals, associations, groups and companies are all encouraged to participate in improving community spirit, interaction and activities.


Membership application

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us at


Der Quartierverein Oerlikon setzt sich für eine hohe Lebensqualität im Quartier ein. Er vertritt die Quartierinteressen, insbesondere im Gespräch mit den städtischen Ämtern und mit benachbarten Quartieren. Er bildet ein Forum für die Vernetzung der verschiedenen Vereine und Organisationen im Quartier.


Kreis blau

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